Lived innovation sets milestones

The unique G-LOFT-Fiber developed by Goldeck Textil as key technology, is used successfully in all business segments. It represents a significant difference from the competition and proofs once again that innovation pays back.

A strong partner in many areas

Goldeck Textil is with the brand Carinthia the world’s leading military outfitter and with BluTimes Europe’s leading waterbed manufacturer. To meet this leading role, we put great efforts in enhancing our products and continue to push innovations in all areas.

Best sales support through consistent brand policy

In recent years Goldeck Textil has invested much in the positioning of the three brands Carinthia, BluTimes and G -LOFT. Today, the market benefits from the consistent brand support and the continuous sharpening of the profiles and can offer mature, strong brands.

Maximum flexibility for individual needs

Goldeck Textil strives to be the best possible partner for trading companies. It starts with the high quality products that bring a competitive edge, and finds its continuation in individual solutions focused on special needs. These can be implemented with high speed and put on the market.

Home-made is better

The birthplace of the innovations of Goldeck Textil is a high-tech laboratory at the company’s headquarters. Here we can develop and improve products according to the latest ongoing developments. Not keeping up is the motto, but always one step ahead!

Employees with a spirit of innovation

Goldeck Textil has the ambitious goal of further expanding the innovation leadership. Our staff is living this vision and pulls together on one string. Everyone is highly motivated to drive innovations and shape the future of the company and the industry.

Certified quality for highest demands

Goldeck Textil ensures best product quality. All manufacturing steps take place at high standards, evidenced by certificates. Best cutting edge technical equipment, guarantees the highest product safety.

A healthy foundation

The continuous growth of the company in recent decades has led to the fact that Goldeck Textil has established itself as an important partner in the market. A sound financial structure provides maximum business security.