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Carinthia for many years now fulfills a leading role in the field of thermal insulation. The products of Carinthia are designed to meet the highest demands and to withstand extreme weather conditions. For more than 25 years, the development of polyester insulation fibers is the focus of interest in order to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of maximum heating efficiency with minimum weight.

The G-LOFT-Fiber-Technology therefore plays an important role. The unique synthetic fiber combines the thermal properties of natural goose down with an incredibly light weight and perfect Loft, even after years of use. Only the G-LOFT-Fiber with its spiral crimp defined in the molecular structure provides those qualities which are essential in the use under extreme conditions.

Therefore, we use this premium insulation technology in high-tech sleeping bags and insulation garments. The clothing of Carinthia is characterized by the use of Windstopper® materials, is breathable and transports moisture to the outside. In the development Carinthia follows the highest standards. As a result we produce exceptional products, which are persuasive in full. Not only in the professional sector – Carinthia is the number 1 in equipping militaries with sleeping bags – but also for amateur climbers and athletes, where quality is important. Count on it.

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