BluTimes is Europe’s leading waterbed manufacturer and stands for dreamlike sleep. BluTimes water mattresses provide optimal body support. Water adapts anatomically perfect, independent from your sleeping position. Faster asleep, less rotational movements at night, significantly more restorative sleep are the result. The musculoskeletal system can completely relax and you wake up in the morning fresh and relaxed.

In BluTimes water beds one dreams not only beautiful, but they also look fantastically beautiful. With different variations of headers, borders, and bases the individual bed can be put together in order to fit perfectly into the bedroom. Various additional functions such as base drawers, folding headboards or the “Pluszarge” for an extended deck area complete the overall BluTimes program.

BluTimes water mattresses are available in ten different calming levels, covering almost every need. The processing is done under the highest quality standards using only top materials.
Therefore, BluTimes water beds provide maximum safety and maximum comfort.